Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hard work Vs Smart Work, but how should we work?

I hope everyone heard this word many time. Our superiors, manager and lot of people used to say "You should work smart"!!. So based on articles blogs and other documents follow are the definitions or explanations of the Hard work and Smart work

Hard Work
Dedication, putting more effort, stretching working hours, working day night, trying our maximum, etc

Smart Work
Getting maximum effort with little work, applying strategy, logical skill based, mind based, doing work in  best way, etc.

Below are some of the behavior of hard working and smart working people as per my observation

Hard working people
Usually people who are having average skill will work hard. For example a programmer who is having average programming or syntax skill will work hard to finish the task by putting more effort in debug, learning and trying things etc. Usually people who are fresher or people who have less experience in their programming field will do this. I hope IT people will agree this.
NOTE: I am not trying to convey that people who are have high skill will not work hard, just just some general survey result of my experience.

Smart working people
People who are having high skills and more experience will do smart work. These people will finish their works fast. They won't put much effort, they know the tricks and traps and how to finish the works in time.
NOTE: Also it is not necessary that people who are having high skill and more exprience will work smart.

So we should always work hard and that is the key to success. Also always our working style should be very smart so that we will get big success. So we should smartly work hard :)

Thanks for reading. Please share you thoughts and feedback in comment section.

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