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My dream to make Tamil Nadu a Green State

I saw some of the Kerala tourism pictures in some websites. In Kerala every were water and trees. My friend told in some part of Kerala people may have boat in their house as we have motorbikes. It looks like jungle, since we only see those kind of stuffs in jungle. In Tamil Nadu even jungle looks like desert and animals like elephant are coming to city to drink water !! :( After discussed with my friends and with others about this, they told so many reason for this. But I think why don't we have those trees and water in our State?

When I was traveling from Chennai to Trichy in train I saw lot of empty lands, and only some useless "Thorns plant" everywhere. When I was studying one of my teacher told that those "Thorns plant" tree will suck water from air to grow. Also when I was in tour to Rameshwaram I feel same kind of things, lot of lands are open without any use.

I think only Government can use those empty space/lads by putting big rules. So I have an idea with new technology.

One Crore tree per year
So Government should plant One Crore tree all over Tamil Nadu. For this Government should use all waste lands, road side, all open empty places. Also each tree should have a unique number to identify and it should be linked with some GPS tracking system.I think it is now a days very cheap so Government should buy at very cheap cost. So Government should track all those tree through the central system and based on the area trees should be grouped and the maintenance should be assigned to corporation, panchayat etc. Also if any tree is damaged due to any natural disaster, it should be replaced immediately and should reenter the new tree plugged date. The agriculture department know the exact number of days for each tree to grow and become a tree. So after the number of days passed each tree should be tested by the officers and should be marked as grown. For this need to create awareness with people, also need to put strict rule for those who create damage for tree and tracking system. As like "Rain water harnessing" rule by Government this will also be implemented. So by this even if we reach 50% of the goal definitely around 50 laksh new tree will come all over Tamil Nadu.

How is my plan. If it is too bad please don't scold me, immediately add your plan as comment. So we can first get a better plan to make our State Green :)

Thanks for reading. Please share you thoughts and feedback in comment section.


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Thanks for reading. Please share you thoughts and feedback in comment section.