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Is my job dangerous than others job?

Hi friends, what we usually discussing about our job? hope we are always talking about the work pressure, manager is telling something wrong, works is very hectic, I am working day night etc..., just I got some time and I compared my job with others. I hope my job is safer then some other job. I just compared my job with the following two jobs.

A bus driver
I used to travel by bus in night time from Chennai - Trichy and once get a chance to discuss with a private bus driver who is relative to myself. Their bus only have trip at night time since less people traveling in day time.

Some positive points about that driver job

  • He is getting around 20, 000 per month as salary
  • He may get extra commission in festival time
  • He will get day time free (hope he will spend that in sleeping)
  • He is getting free food in motels
Some negative points about his job
  • There is not guarantee for his life (I hope this reason is enough to quit that job)
  • He has to continuously sit for around 8 hours and drive with only 30 minutes break
  • His eyes should be open for 8 hours without missing a second otherwise our yes will be closed for ever
  • His works should not have any issues/bugs, if any issues then passengers inside or some body in front of the bus will die
A engineer in BHEL
My brother is working in BHEL, it is a famous company in India located in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. When I went to meet him, one of his finger top portion is missing and he put some band aid for that. I asked what happened with care, but he told that, it was a small accident (as he mentioned) happened and company sent ambulance for him. But he is not alone traveled in that ambulance, one young girl was also traveled with him. That girl also met some what similar accident as like my brother, one small difference is my brother's finger top portion is missing, but that girls arm from elbow is missing also it was struck in the machine. My brother told in a cool voice, it is often happen in his job

A software engineer (my job)

Some negative about my job

  • Some time I get back-pain because of continuous sitting and no physical work (but no one instructed me to be sit like that and stop doing exercise)
  • Because always seeing monitors get power in eyes and some neck pain
  • Work more hours daily because of so many reason
  • Mind is occupied by something because job is dealing so much with mind
Some positive about my job
  • I am getting nice salary
  • I am working in clean pollution free environment with air-conditioned room
  • I can take tiny break often to refresh myself and relax
  • There is no much hard physical work which injure my body
  • There is no threaten for my life in terms of severe accident and other injury
I think my job is more safe and better than other two job, and sometime I may get back-pain, that is far better than missing my back or arm or life. Also friends I am eager to know what are you thinking about your job?

Thanks for reading. Please share you thoughts and feedback in comment section.