Sunday, April 3, 2011

I passed Zend 5.3 exam !!!

I am happy to announce that, I passed PHP Zend exam and now I am Zend Certified Engineer 5.3.

March 31st, 2011 is the last date for using my Zend exam voucher, and on that day I went to one of the Zend examination center near to my house. I bought and prepared for PHP 5 and unfortunately in the examination center after filling registration form they informed only PHP5.3 exam is available, and in the select option there is no PHP5 exam option. March 31st the last date so I don't have any other option, so I get ready to attend the exam of PHP5.3. Luckily when I was preparing for the examination I studied Namespace and other PHP5.3 features since it looks new and interesting.

I started the exam around 12:00 pm and out of 70 question some 4 question looks very strange, lot of PHP5.3 questions came in Namespace chapter, so I easily answered those too.  The questions are mixture of normal, easy, tough questions, and I attended all questions without any tension, and for some program output type question I did some paper work with the scratch pad given by examination center. I finished all questions around 1:15 hours and finally the review question page reached. That page indicated I did not answered for 2 questions and link to answer those questions. I just gave some answer for those too and don't know which button to finish the exam. The examiner came and instructed me to press some buttons...yes...yes.

Finally I reached some page which have some title like you finished the exam. I asked the examiner what about my result, he laughed and told you passed see the screen properly. I again red that screen and it is congratulated me for passing the exam!!!!!!!! After that myself and examiner laughed for some time and I thanked all and came out with very happy mood and went to office and informed this happy message to my PM Rajesh and to my team.

Click here to view my certification at Zend portal

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