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How to transfer SBI savings account to another branch

Hi Friends,

Recently I have transferred my SBI savings account to different branch. Initially I though that it is more difficult, but really it is not so complicated. Please follow the following steps to do the transfer.

For example you have a SBI savings account in Branch-A and you like to transfer it to Branch-B.

Step: 1
Visit the Branch-A with you bank pass book and get the branch transfer request form.
You need to fill the following details
  1. Your savings account number
  2. Branch-B name and address
  3. Branch-B IFC code
Once you filled above details meet the Branch-A manager and the manager will do some entries in their systems and they will inform to contact Branch-B to proceed further in another few days. Usually the transfer will be done immediately, anyhow better to contact Branch-B after 3 business days

Step: 2
Visit the Branch-B with your savings account passbook and meet the manger to know the status of the branch transfer.The manager will check the status in their system and if it done they will update the new branch details in your passbook.

Step: 3
So the transfer done, but your address linked with your SBI accounts is not updated yet. So for that if you have any of common address proof document like Driving License, Passport, Voter ID you can do that easily by filling (or writing letter) address update form.

But usually people who transferred to a new location due to their job won't have those address proof document in a new address. So what we can do now?

There is one solution available now, you can request for a copy of cheque book to your new address (not old address) by filling the cheque book request form or writing a letter with new address mentioned. Once you requested the cheque book, it will be dispatched in another 2 to 3 days, but make sure anyone can receive the cheque book from Postman without any issue, since that is very important for address proof. So once you received the cheque book in your new address then meet the Branch-B manager with the cheque book received and with a address change request form. He will verify the checkbook received to address and update the address to your new one.

Is it really necessary to transfer branch?
My answer would be yes, since even though we have online banking available, for some services still we need to visit our branch. For example you forgot your profile password, you should visit your branch to reset that. So still SBI customer care is not good enough to do all the things from internet banking it is better transfer you account to nearest SBI branch.

Thanks for reading. Please share you thoughts and feedback in comment section.