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How to pass PHP Zend 5.3 certification?

How to pass PHP Zend 5.3 certification?
This is the million dollar question I used to think and ask with many people before passing the Zend exam. But after I passed the exam too many people asking the same question to me. Lot of mails are coming from "Zend PHP Yellow Pages Private Messag", so I planned to write a post (many post in future) for this instead of replaying to each mail. In the following content I am giving my approach, idea, suggestion for passing Zend certification, but I am not sure this is the best approach. 

Where to start?
No doubt, PHP manual is the best place to start preparing for Zend certification. In the PHP manual read each and every line of "Language Reference" section. From PHP dummies to experts all must read all the pages under "Language Reference". This will not only help to pass the Zend exam, but it will give you better idea to do good programming. 

What next?
Once you studied "Language Reference" then move to "…