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Is my job dangerous than others job?

Hi friends, what we usually discussing about our job? hope we are always talking about the work pressure, manager is telling something wrong, works is very hectic, I am working day night etc..., just I got some time and I compared my job with others. I hope my job is safer then some other job. I just compared my job with the following two jobs.

A bus driver
I used to travel by bus in night time from Chennai - Trichy and once get a chance to discuss with a private bus driver who is relative to myself. Their bus only have trip at night time since less people traveling in day time.

Some positive points about that driver job
He is getting around 20, 000 per month as salaryHe may get extra commission in festival timeHe will get day time free (hope he will spend that in sleeping)He is getting free food in motelsSome negative points about his job
There is not guarantee for his life (I hope this reason is enough to quit that job)He has to continuously sit for around 8 hours and drive with only 30 …